Retirement Planning & The Uni-K Plan®

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Frequently Asked Questions about the CARES Act

A guide to understanding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, concerning the relief provided for IRA owners and retirement plan participants.

Retirement Plans Pocket Guide

A quick reference guide to eligibility, contribution limits and requirements, deductions and tax credit incentives for a variety of individual and employer-sponsored retirement plans.

401(k)? You never thought it could work for a small business.

The Uni-K Plan® is something completely different - a type of 401(k) plan designed specifically for owner-only businesses. With higher maximum contribution levels, loans, and the ability to consolidate your other retirement accounts, this plan is something completely different. Thanks to changes in the tax laws, even the smallest business can enjoy all the benefits of a big company 401(k) without the expense and complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uni-K

Features of the Uni-K Plan

The Uni-K Plan® has many benefits beyond its generous contribution limits. Consider the following:

  • Valuable tax advantages. Uni-K contributions are tax-deductible by your business, and earnings grow on a tax-deferred basis until withdrawn.*
  • Complete contribution flexibility. You decide each year whether to contribute and how much to contribute.
  • Wide range of investment choices. Amundi Pioneer offers a selection of mutual funds ranging from conservative to aggressive so you can tailor your investment program to suit your retirement goals.
  • Hassle-free. Uni-K is easy and inexpensive to maintain. Unlike traditional 401(k) plans, there are no complicated discrimination tests or administrative requirements.
  • Loan availability. You can take loans from your Uni-K account -- tax-free and penalty-free -- under the same guidelines available to large corporate 401(k) plans.
  • Account consolidation. Uni-K can be used to consolidate retirement assets held in different plans to create one convenient account. Uni-K can also accept rollovers of Roth monies from other 401(k) plans. See additional information below.


* For Qualified Distributions, which means that the initial Roth contribution has generally been in the account for five or more years and is either: made on or after the date you attain age 59½; made after your death, or attributable to your being disabled.



Uni-K Plan® Contribution Guide & Worksheet

A guide designed to answer questions self-employed individuals may have about the Uni-K Plan. Includes a worksheet to help determine annual contributions.

Download Worksheet

Additional Rollover Information

If you are retiring or moving on to another job, your retirement plan asset distribution options to consider generally include:

Choice 1: Take your retirement plan assets as a distribution.
Choice 2: Leave your retirement plan assets in your former employer’s plan.
Choice 3: Transfer your retirement plan assets to your new employer’s plan.
Choice 4: Roll your retirement plan assets over into an IRA (i.e., Traditional or Roth as applicable) to another qualified plan - such as the Uni-K Plan®.

It is important to note that this is not intended to be an all-encompassing discussion of distribution options available to you. It is provided for educational purposes only. In addition to these choices, you may wish to discuss the following factors with your financial professional as you weigh your options:

  • Investment Options
  • Fees and Expenses
  • Services
  • Penalty-Free Withdrawals
  • Protection from Creditors
  • Required Minimum Distributions


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