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A Message from Lisa Jones, CEO

In the past few weeks we have all been challenged by COVID-19 and its swift impact on the economy, financial markets, and our personal and professional lives. At Amundi Pioneer, we are focused on ensuring the health and safety of our employees as well as a stable operating environment. We remain committed to delivering a high level of service and partnership to our business partners and shareholders. 

Amundi Pioneer is committed to maintaining regular service during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Please read the important information and Fund Updates below.

 Research and Insights

State of the US Consumer: Weakened but Resilient - As the US plunges into its worst recession in the post-WW2 era, we examine three key questions.

Contraction > recovery > late cycle: a cycle round trip in three years - The pandemic outbreak altered the cycle of financial regimes we had in mind at the end of 2019, with consequences extending over the medium term.

Update on Fed Facilities and CARES Act in Response to COVID-19 - The effective shut down of the US economy is having a devastating impact on the labor market and demand destruction, prompting the Trump Administration, US Congress and the Federal Reserve to roll out a series of unprecedented fiscal, monetary and Fed facility programs.

A Falling US GDP and a Fed Warning: Tip of the Iceberg - The longest-ever US expansion came to an abrupt end in Q1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Revisiting the global high yield outlook in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic - The current sell-off may not be the most severe in terms of draw-down but its rapidness was unprecedented.

Coronavirus Crisis: Impacts and Implications for Emerging Markets - Coronavirus will have significant long-term affects that may lead to new opportunities in specific regions.

Gauging the US COVID-19 Recession  - We are examining new types of data that provide a window into consumer and business behavior.

A lot of bad news already priced in US assets: a gradual approach to exploit market dislocations  - There is little doubt the US has entered a recession - but not a typical one.

In Search of the Bottom in the COVID-19 Crisis  - In this unprecedented time of high uncertainty from a sanitary and economic perspective, the different drivers at play are moving in different directions.

Securitized Credit Monthly  - Market Commentary and Outlook in Securitized Credit for March, 2020.

COVID-19 and Oil Wars Warrant Decisive Action  - The Fed is moving to ease financial stress.

When the View is Getting Blurry, Stick to Main Convictions  - As markets reassess the spillover effects of coronavirus into the economy, volatility is likely to persist. 

COVID-19: Response and Containment  - Our expectation is that coronavirus will have significant, but not structural, impact on the economy.

Coronavirus vs. SARS: Potential Economic and Market Implications  - China is much more integrated into global economies than in 2003, so spillover affects will be distinct. 

Coronavirus: Implications for Investors  - Coronavirus has been the biggest driver of recent volatility in financial markets. 

Relevant Classic Investment Concepts Resources

Timing the Market May Mean Missed Opportunities  - Four hypothetical investment scenarios help to illustrate the historical long-term benefits of searching for opportunity rather than shelter during a market crisis.

Market Downturns May Offer Opportunities  - It's time, not timing, that counts when you're investing for long-term growth.

Crisis Events & the US Stock Market  - The US stock market has experienced its share of crisis events—from wars to political upsets, to many unforeseen human tragedies.

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