The firm produces a variety of research material some of which can include ad hoc research pieces or commentary on current economic or market conditions as they warrant.

Compass Weekly Market Performance

A weekly summary of global market activity, including performance of key equity and fixed income indices, currency and commodity information, bond yields and spreads and key economic indicators.

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Amundi Pioneer Investment Talks

December Fed Meeting: Still Behind the Curve
December 13, 2017

We have thought for some time that the Fed is behind the curve, probably deliberately, and it still is. We would expect a faster pace of rate increases, only if the inflation outlook begins to exceed the FOMC's expectations.

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Donald Trump's Election: The First year in Review
November 8, 2017

Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter highlighted his 100 day action plan. It's been a year since he was elected President. How has he done? 

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New Fed Chair: Positive for Banks and GDP
November 2, 2017

As expected, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) stood firm on its forecast for rate hikes in its November statement. Over the next year, they foresee one hike in December and another three in 2018. While the overall statement contained no significant surprises, at the margin, the Fed adjusted its view of both growth and inflation.

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